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Session 1

Main Bullet points: (more…)

Session 2 – Maximizing the Risk Number: How Get Clients and Prospects Invested Right

Main Bullet points:
  • Quantitatively Pinpoint Risk. Our patented Risk Number® technology objectively calculates an investor’s true risk tolerance utilizing a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics.
  • Built Portfolios that Fit. Engineer the risk in a portfolio to fit your client’s unique and individual risk preferences and meet their expectations with a 95% mathematical confidence.
  • Expose Risk & Win Clients. Show your prospective clients that they are invested outside of their true risk preference. With the numbers on your side, you’ll have the upper hand to easily win client trust.

Session 5 – Robo-Advisors | Blockchain | InsurTech

Main Bullet points: 
  • Learn about automated investment advice
  • The blockchain represents a way to transfer value, securely and with no central authority involved.
  • Get familiar with the evolving InsurTech landscape and its potential, how to think about these changes, and where you can get involved.

Session 6 – Fixed Income Markets And How You Can Take Advantage Of The Recovering Housing Market

Main Bullet points:
  • Investment team that possesses over 70 years of combined industry experience
  • Seeks current income and total return by implementing an alpha-driven, principle based investment process focusing on complex and hard to source asset backed securities
  • The fund primarily invests in seasoned non-agency residential mortgage backed securities and a variety of asset backed fixed income securities

Session 1 – Increasing Revenue and Client Satisfaction through Retirement Readiness Education

Main Bullet points: In an era of fee compression and smaller margins, advisors are looking for new ways to increase revenue and win new plans. Effective participant education can create a win-win scenario: improving participant outcomes and satisfying the plan sponsor while increasing your revenue. Sound too good to be true? (more…)

Session 2

Main Bullet points: (more…)

Session 3 – Growth Dynamics Related To Adoption Of Robotics And Workplace Automation “The Second Machine Age”

Main Bullet points:
  • Long term growth of capital through investments in global equity securities
  • Primary focus are companies involved with innovative/breakthrough technologies in robotics and automation
  • Thematic investment opportunity
  • Technological advances in sensors, semiconductors and wireless data transmission have dramatically reduced the cost of robotic solutions for a wide range of industries
2017-11-15 7:00:00 2017-11-16 17:00:00 America/Phoenix Financial Advisor Seminar Gain valuable information for your financial practice. More information ASU SkySong 1, Scottsdale, AZ R.S.A.